Christian Futurist Thomas Bandy Interview PGE 50

My guest for this episode is Dr. Thomas Bandy. Tom was part of a panel discussion on Alternative Lectionaries in PGE 21 of this podcast. At the time, Tom noted that his consideration of the usefulness of lectionaries had been modified since he published his on alternative lectionary in Introducing The Uncommon Lectionary: Opening The Bible to Seekers and Disciples. His coming to understand the significance of demographic and life-style research and adaptive ministry had created a shift in his thinking.

Tom has graciously agreed to return as a guest to help us understand the importance of these demographic and life-style research tools. Those who use these tools in businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations are often called futurists because the research results enables them to understand trends.

Tom is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and leadership coach for Christian organizations and faith-based non-profits and has published over 25 books and numerous articles some of which have been translated into Spanish, Korean, and Afrikaans. He received his academic doctorate in philosophical theology from the University of Toronto and Victoria University. He has participated in the American Academy of Religion since 1981, and has served the board of the North American Paul Tillich Society.

Tom’s most recent publication is Why Tillich? Why Now?. It is a book addressed primarily to academic audiences.

His work upon which this interview is primarily based is Sideline Church: Bridging the Chasm between Churches and Cultures. As you will hear, Tom brings together insights from demographic and life-style research and Paul Tillich to enable the church to both look toward and plan for the future.

The music for this episode is from a clip of a song called ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’ which is found on The Porter’s Gate Worship Project Work Songs album and is used by permission by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project. You can learn more about the album and the Worship Project at