Novelist Terry Roberts Interview PGE 49

I love interviewing artists and having conversations about the arts not just because I love the arts but know, despite opinions by some to the contrary, that the arts are vehicles of truth and provide the means of insights and understanding about reality, ethics, faith, worldview, beauty, the quest for meaning, and all manner of other important issues and questions. The arts have been and are an integral part of every people group and civilization I know. Of course, as a Christian, I am especially interested in the way the Christian faith and the arts interweave.

To approach a conversation about all of these kinds of questions about and interests in the arts, I could think of no one better to interview than Terry Roberts!

Terry is many things, but there are three dimensions of Terry’s life that apply to this interview. First, Terry is an educator. Specifically, Terry is the Director of The National Paideia Center–an organization whose purpose is to promote critical and creative thinking. Second, Terry is a novelist. Having a Ph.D. in American Literature, Terry not only has studied writing and literature deeply, but is a practitioner of the art. Third, Terry is a Christian. So, questions of the relationship between faith, art, and larger ideas that matter intermingle for Terry, in his life, thinking, and his craftsmanship as an artist.

Terry is the author of four novels. He has just released the fourth novel, My Mistress’ Eyes are Raven Black. You can learn more about Terry and his novels for his website,

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