The Jesus Worldview Initiative with John Pierce PGE 59

In this episode, Dr. John Pierce explains the Jesus Worldview Initiative and offers it as an alternative to the ‘Biblical worldview’ as defined by Conservative evangelicals. In doing so, John is enabling those participants in the Jesus Worldview Initiative to provide a counter-voice to a position that is compatible with the growth of Christian nationalism, and to provide another means of being a passionate and faithful Christian.

Dr. Pierce is Executive Editor/Publisher for Good Faith Media — formed in 2020 by combining the resources of two nonprofits, Nurturing Faith and EthicsDaily. In this role he continues to serve as editor of the national publication, Nurturing Faith Journal, a position he assumed in 2000. Previously he was managing editor of The Christian Index and, earlier, Baptist campus minister at Kennesaw State University and then Georgia Tech. Frequently, he speaks in churches and consults with congregations concerning communication strategies.

The music for this episode is from a clip of a song called ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’ which is found on The Porter’s Gate Worship Project Work Songs album and is used by permission by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project. You can learn more about the album and the Worship Project at