Michael Budde Interview PGE 47

Dr. Michael L. Budde is Professor of Catholic Studies and Political Science at DePaul University, where he also serves as Senior Research Scholar in the Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT). His research explores the intersections of ecclesiology, political economy, and culture. Much of his contemporary research flows from the work of DePaul’s Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology, a research center focusing on Catholicism in the so-called global South and as a worldwide religious community. Mike serves the Center as a senior research professor, and, with his colleagues, hosts visiting scholars from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere in exploring important questions in theology, politics, history, and culture.

Mike is the author or editor of ten books, including The Borders of Baptism: Identities, Allegiances and the Church, The (Magic) Kingdom of God: Christianity and Global Culture Industries, Christianity Incorporated: How Big Business is Buying the Church, and The Two Churches: Catholicism and Capitalism in the World System. His work has appeared in journals including Modern Theology, Concilium, Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, and Studies in Christian Ethics. He received his Ph.D. in Political Economy from Northwestern University. His upcoming book is Foolishness to the Gentiles.

Mike is one of the founders and was the first coordinator of the Ekklesia Project and has contributed significantly to the resources it offers.

In this episode we talk broadly about Mike’s thought and about how both the political and economic agendas of the United States have formative influences on Christians and churches that compromise the capacity of Christians and churches to live faithfully the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mike has an exceptionally prophetic ability to hold a mirror up to us so that we as Christians and churches are able to see ourselves and our compromises more fully and truthfully. At the same time, he also has a wonderfully pastoral way of providing us the wisdom and guidance in knowing how to move forward as more authentic witnesses to the Gospel.

The music for this episode is from a clip of a song called ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’ which is found on The Porter’s Gate Worship Project Work Songs album and is used by permission by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project. You can learn more about the album and the Worship Project at theportersgate.com.