The Coronavirus, Peacebuilding, and Creativity PGE9

The Coronavirus has played havoc with my interviewing schedule. Melissa Rogers was to be my next episode, and she may be my next guest, but I had to cancel her interview due to the travel restrictions caused by the virus. So, while I am regrouping and rescheduling and had the ideas in this episode on my mind, I decided to present them now.

Solving the pandemic and ending the deaths of people caused by the coronavirus is the major problem facing our globe at the present, but this problem has created a second dire problem, which is the threat of the collapse of national economies. These two problems have created a division within the United States over which is the primary problem to solve. Some fear that the collapse of the economy could be worse than the effects of the virus.

We need a way forward that helps us solve both problems. In this episode I offer my thoughts on two sets of resources that I believe can help us more forward more productively. They are Glen Stassen’s seven steps to peacemaking in his book, Just Peacemaking: A New Paradigm for the Ethics of Peace and War, and the creative thinking tools of such people as Edward de Bono, Michael Michalko, and the ideas of William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

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