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In this episode I begin the first of what will be a series of conversations with Steady State economists. Steady State Economics is an alternative to both Neoclassical free-market capitalism and socialism, which, if I understand Steady State economists correctly, they classify as being growth-oriented economies. I have been persuaded by Steady State economists description of the limitations of existing approaches to the economy, particularly in light of climate change, pollution, and global poverty, and by what they have to offer as solutions. Many people do not know of this alternative, so I hope to help bring about greater awareness of this type of economy through an on-going dialogue over time with various Steady State economists and advocates.

My guest is Rob Dietz, who was the Executive Director for Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) and is presently Program Director at Post Carbon Institute. You can learn more about CASSE at and Post Carbon Institute at

I am interviewing Rob about the book he co-authored with Dan O’Neill called Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources.

The music for this episode is from a clip of a song called ‘Father Let Your Kingdom Come’ which is found on The Porter’s Gate Worship Project Work Songs album and is used by permission by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project. You can learn more about the album and the Worship Project at