Racial Reconciliation 1 – PGE1

In this first episode of Practicing Gospel, my guests are Father Jim Abbott, a retired Episcopal priest, Tyrone Greenley, Director of Christians for a United Community, and Dr. Jim McCoy, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Weaverville, NC. Each of my guest have long been active in racial reconciliation both in their personal and professional lives. Based upon their experiences, they are with me to discuss issues involved in engaging in racial reconciliation, especially in light of the present political climate in which racist and hate groups have been emboldened by the election of President Trump. Each are involved in the organization, Christians from a United Community, which is an organization that seeks to provide occasions, opportunities, and resources for believers from various denominations, cultures, and traditions to come together for shared worship, reflection, service, and fellowship.

You can learn more about Christians for a United Community on their facebook page.

The music for the episode is the anthem, ‘A Place at the Table,’ words by Shirley Erena Murray, music by Mary McDonald, published by Hope Publishing Company and is used by permission.